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In “larger” amounts, meaning about 0.1 to 0.2 of a gram, we found ourselves in a catatonic state until we fell into a deep sleep. You should definitely take it slow with Moon Rocks.

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Kurupt’s Moonrock is dedicated to providing the strongest cannabis medicine products in the galaxy. Our proprietary C02 extraction process provides quality, consistency, and the ability to serve specific conditions with appropriate dosage. A Moon Rock is a celestial bud of strain specific bud, drenched in CO2 oil, and then coated in a heavy layer of “sicdust” (or kief). This cosmic blend boasts a THC percentage of roughly 52 percent.

In “small” amounts, meaning tiny pinches off the bud, the high begins with an initial strong head rush that slowly fades into a haze. The haze lasts about an hour and a half until a slight buzz takes its place and slowly lowers your high over the period of about four hours.



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